Faster Claim Payments: Improve cash flow.  Thatís what happens when you file claims utilizing our billing service.  No lengthy forms to complete.  No mail delays.  Youíll see payments in a matter of days, not months.

Lower Processing Costs: Say goodbye to the clerical overhead that comes with paper claims Ė the time, the staff, the resources.  PhylMart Services reduces these costs.

Improved Accuracy: Nothing slows down payment more than inaccurate claims. Our service features a series of edits that identify errors before the claim is sent for processing.  Itís just another way to ensure nothing stands in the way of a prompt payment.

PhylMart Features
  • File claims for Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Champus, Workmenís Compensation, Personal Injury Compensation, HMO and PPO carriers.
  • Process HCFA 1500 forms when necessary.
  • Secondary Carrier Billing
  • Insurance follow-up on unresolved claims over 30 days
  • Patient Statements and Account Aging
  • Monthly/Annual Productivity Reports
  • Operations and Management Reports
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